Studio Observations of the Day

I started learning drums on a very nice set of Roland V-Drums (a TD-12), often running the midi output through BFD 2 to get better sounds. I thought that was more-or-less fantastic.

Then I had a jam session with a real drummer, so I miked up a crappy kit a buddy left lying around at my place. Nothing fancy–four mikes, actually. Kit left, kit right, kick, and snare. Beat-up old Tama kit with a craptastic snare. Once the jam session was over, I started playing the kit myself, just for kicks.

Now, I am sad to say, there’s no going back. Even a not-so-good acoustic drumset in a mediocre room has a vibe I just can’t get with its electronic counterpart. Some of the sounds are objectively better with the electronic stuff, but the overall togetherness and feel isn’t even close.

Now, if I were only a better drummer…